Thursday, August 28, 2008

Angry Ambrose quotes

When Ambrose gets mad, it's entertaining to see the ways & words he comes up with to inform you. Here are 2 JUST from today (he gets angry a lot):

Ambrose (in a very sweet voice): Mommy, what day is it today?

Me: It's Thursday today.

Ambrose (in a low growl): Well...I HATE Thursdays. (storms off)

(Ambrose has stormed off after being told he needs to clean his room. He returns a few minutes later with the book Jesse and I gave him for Kindergarten Graduation)

Ambrose (in the sweet voice): Mommy, what do these last 3 words say? (pointing to the handwritten inscription on the inside cover)

Me: It says "We love you"

Ambrose (in the grumpy growl): Too bad that's not true!! (storms off again)


Donia said...

That is hilarious! I especially love the second one. That SO sounds like Kate.

Tracy M. said...

LOL!!!! Your kids ALMOST make me want to have one of our own! Not quite though :)

Queen Sarapatra said...

ha ha ha ha! Oh Ambrose

Danz said...

nice. ha ha ha