Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vaccines for the whole family!

It's sort of a long story, and some of you may have heard it already, so I'll just sum it up in 1 sentence:

We awoke to a bat flying in our bedroom and per the Gov't Health Dept., we are all going through the rabies vaccination process because there's no real way to tell if a bat has bitten you when you're sleeping and no way to know if the bat had rabies unless you physically have the bat tested.

So...we have to head to the E.R. (the only place that administers it) a total of 5 different times over 3 weeks. We have had #1-3, so only 2 more to go!! The boys have been such good sports about the whole thing--probably because they know they'll get a sparkle band-aid & candy!

Ambrose taking his turn to entertain us while we wait in a tiny E.R. room
*photo courtesy of Alex

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Kristin Murdock said...

This is so "The Office" it's unreal. :)