Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Farm day observations

Every Tuesday we head to the CSA farm to pick up our vegetables. This week we were able to pick a quart each of cherry tomatoes & beans in addition to our 2 bags of yummy veggies. The boys and I headed out to the fields and picked our share--only to eat them ALL before we got home ;) It's wonderful to have my children eat handfuls of food that THEY just picked.

On the way home, Ambrose let me in on his observation for the day:
"So I guess there are 2 kinds of grocery stores, a fresh one (the farm) and a not-so-fresh one (the regular store). I like the farm best because you get the food right when it's picked--there are no trucks, stores, boxes, or lots of people touching it before you get it."

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Donia said...

Very profound words!