Saturday, July 21, 2007

I lived to tell about it

I survived my second Harry Potter Release Party! It was an exciting night with LOTS of HP fans. I was in charge of "Pictures with Harry" and also the costume contest--Snape won and an adorable Rita Skeeter (she was only 8 years old) was the runner up.

After the activities, I cashiered--CRAZY cashiered! It's an adrenaline rush to ring up over a thousand people who had waited for HOURS to buy/see/touch the HP book. In case you are wondering (with tax) "your book comes to $22.25, if you are a member it's $20.02."

**Here's a shout out to April, Liz, Danielle, Billy, Joanna, and Kelly for visiting me last night--hope you liked your pictures! Thanks guys.


jillman said...

that harry sure likes to tickle people.

Queen Sarapatra said...

I miss your blogs. Where are you?