Thursday, July 12, 2007

Guest blogger: Ambrose (5 years old)

Do you want to hear a joke?

What's the first thing a gorilla learns at school?
His Ape-B-Cs.

Ready for another joke?

What kind of ape lives in a gym?
A gympanzee.

This is the last monkey one...

What kind of monkey can fly?
A hot-air baboon.

Here's another animal joke.

Why do elephants have trunks?
They'd look silly with suitcases on their faces.

Would you like to hear another joke?

What do vegetables give each other when they get married?

Onion rings.

One more...

Did the animals go into Noah's Ark in pairs?

No, the worms went in apples.

I hope you enjoyed the jokes.


cindybylsma said...

Great jokes, Ambrose. How come you never tell me jokes when I see you at the bookstore? You better have a good one for me next time I see you!

j€blogger said...

Those were good, Mr. A.

Here's one for A2:

Q - What do you call a place full of old cows?

A - A mooseum!

SanFranFresca said...

my favorie was the one about the hot air baboon!!!! You should make your own joke book and illustrate it! I'll see you next week on the boat. Tell Alex and Paulie hello for me.
-cousin Danielle

jillman said...

Hey Ambrose,
I am visiting Liz and Doug in the state where they live and I sure do miss hearing some of those jokes!!! But I cannot wait to see you on Thursday(4 days) at grandpa and miss. Pam's wedding.
Love you,
Aunt Jo Jo

jillman said...

Hey Mr. Ambrose--funny jokes. If I was a duck, I'd say they quack me up!

See you on Thursday!

Aunt Liz