Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"THAT just happened" --A new segment

This is a new segment called "That just happened." It's for the little (or big) things I witness around the house. Enjoy the 1st one!

Two nights ago Alex and Athan were pretty rowdy going to bed, but Jesse's brother was over visiting so we kind of let them be silly in bed while we talked --rather than laying down the law ;) Anyway, Ambrose came downstairs to tell us that his brothers had stuck "big band-aids" all over the bunk beds & wall. Sounded like it needed my attention so I headed up to see what in the world was going on...uh, yeah, the 2 little rascals had gotten into not only the band-aid stash in the bathroom, but also my panty liners and had stuck them ALL over the place! Oh brother. Oh, it gets better... So we see Alex right away in the room, but Athan is no where in sight until I notice all the blankets crammed under his bed. I move the blankets to find him hiding under there, I make him come out and when he does he is butt NAKED!! About the funniest thing I ever saw, it definitely lightened up the moment. Those boys, those boys.


Joanna said...

this just cracks me up, I can only imagine. I really wanna come see the boys soon. I havn't even seen athan since he has been 3 now. Anyways laters!

Tracy M. said...

How on Earth could you keep a straight face for that one??? I can't stop grinning from ear to ear!!