Monday, April 14, 2008


Sorry, folks. Our house is currently chaos. We started refinishing the wood floors on the 1st floor on Thursday and it's been a disaster ever since. It's unlikely that we will even have our furniture moved back in by the weekend. Fortunately, though, we got our BRAND NEW furnace working again (the fuse went out) since it's going to be 28 degrees tonight! Which means that the 2nd coat of stain is going to take even LONGER to dry. Good grief. Life is not fun right now.


Tracy M. said...

Hang in there, it'll get better and when you have nice, shiny new floors to look at, you'll forget all about the chaos. And if DH would buy you a digital camera, then we too could ooohh and aahhh over your new shiny floors with you :)

Anonymous said...

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