Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Glad I was Listening" - Paulie's edition

We're in the car and talking about why I have different dinners than the boys (last week they wanted hotdogs for dinner and I didn't, so now they think it's an 'all the time' thing).

Me: I like chicken, vegetables and soup for dinner sometimes.

Paulie: I not like chicken.

Alex: Yes you do! I thought you liked everything!

Paulie: I like goldfish........ I like crackers.......... I like goldfish crackers........

He's creating quite the distinguished palette, huh?

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Susanna said...

hey there, so I love the "glad I was listening" segments. it's good to laugh. today i bought the book "how to make children mind without losing yours." i sure hope it works. sasha is a wild animal.