Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Madness

Today was a hard day; the kids were SO naughty and I was feeling like I couldn't get anything done. In an attempt to make myself feel better, I sat down and wrote out the tasks I accomplished thus far (3:30pm). Here's what I came up with:

*I got Ambrose up, ready, fed, and to school (with 2 brothers in tow)
*Unloaded the dishwasher
*Loaded and ran the dishwasher
*Folded & put away (2) loads of laundry
*Washed another (2) loads of laundry
*Fed the kids breakfast
*Fed the kids lunch
*Fed the kids AM and PM snacks
*Showered (Yippee!)
*Picked Ambrose up from school (with 2 brothers in tow)
*Cleaned out & reorganized the linen closet and drawers
*Vacuumed the recessed light sockets in the upstairs bathroom
*Replaced (2) light bulbs in the upstairs bathroom
*Took down the shower curtain in the downstairs bathroom (AND cut up some of the material to use again)
*Hung a new shower curtain
*Talked to my mom on the phone
*Talked to my sister on the phone
*Talked to my friend, Kristen, on the phone
*Emailed Laura, Sara, Sue, Andrea, and Jesse
*Caught up on my GoogleReader
*Played a game of "Go Fish" with Ambrose & Athan
*And I managed to eat lunch, a snack, AND a 'secret' milkshake

Would you like a run down of what the kids did this morning? Here's what I know of (I'm sure I'll 'discover' more as the day goes on):
*Ate breakfast
*Ate (2) snacks
*Ate lunch
*Pooped (1 of which needed a diaper changed, the other needed supervision)
*Climbed onto the counter, got and ate candy out of the cabinet and also dumped a bowl of cereal & milk on the floor in the process of the raid
*Made playdoh balls (which are now embedded in the carpet)
*Got out (5) puzzles (at the same time!)
*Got out (4) board games (also at the same time!!)
*Played together, fairly nicely, in their bedroom
*Dumped out EVERY bin of toys onto the bedroom floor (Ahhhhh!!!)
*Along with more playing, reading, and watching a PBS show

And it's days like this that I couldn't even fathom before I had children.

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