Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Winter day

I'm not a 'winter person.' When I left the mitten state I vowed I'd never return, and yet, here I am trying to get through another dark, cold, and dismal Michigan winter. Is there just a giant cloud that hovers over Michigan for 5 dreadful months?! Good grief.

Alright, no more complaining because the sun IS shining today and the snow is glistening and it's actually quite delightful.

I never enjoyed playing outside in the winter, but I easily forget that others do. So, when the boys wanted to go outside today my first reaction was "ugh." But, it turned out to be a lot of fun and really only lasted 15 minutes (not counting the 20 minutes getting ready to go out). We made snow balls (actually, I just made snow balls and passed them out) and threw them at the garage, followed rabbit tracks in the yard, and made snow angels. We retired inside to play 20 Questions while we warmed up with our cranberry apple tea--here comes today's funny. It was Alex's turn to ask a question and he came up with one I'd never heard before:

"Is it something you can cut off from yours body?"

Ambrose and I almost fell off the bench from laughing so hard.

It was a great Winter day.

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j€blogger said...

Maybe he thought it was a goiter?